Photo-shoot Memories (1)

Flashback to our very first photoshoot at Chapelgarth Estate.

Talk about Beginner’s Luck…!

Photo by Arabella Smith, Fine Art Wedding Photographer, North Yorkshire

..Just over a year ago, as we ventured into the then unknown galaxy of wedding photo-shoots, we were still finding our feet into the arcane world of wedding suppliers – how should we source the most talented suppliers in the North-East?

Enter: Sian Chaplin.

We were incredibly lucky to be guided through the wedding industry maze by the incredible expertise of a super team, led by Wedding Planner Sian Chaplin ( ). Sian not only lined up for us a fantastic model, Kayleigh Richmond – World Supermodel for England 2016-2017 and accomplished classical ballet performer  but then proceeded in having our very first wedding shoot published by no other than Rock My Wedding blog. If you are looking for inspiration for an ethereal, ballet inspired theme for your wedding day, look no further than this link:

Beautiful as the polished product is, I actually loved all the excitement of the ‘behind the scenes’ action – the sort of ‘sneak peak’ that you never get to see.. so I thought I’d share with you a few pics.. just to make it all more real.. And here they are!

                                  Sian Chaplin at work in the conservatory


Dress sorting: straightening up the beautiful gown while walking through our walled garden


So.. what’s the best perspective on this lovely cake by ? If in doubt.. crouch!



Oh, so exhausting! …And still so beautiful our lovely Kayleigh! Just like those flowers by


 End of a hard day and still smiling – I’d hire these girls any time 😉

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