How will you entertain your wedding guests?

Wedding planning, wedding planning! Amongst the many aspects that wedding couples need to consider is the thorny question of how they will entertain their guests.. It can be a long day and couples are often not able to choose when their ceremony will take place. Registrars are busy people and they are in charge of the slots!

So even if you have opted for having your ceremony at Chapelgarth Estate – and you have the luxury of having everything in one place – you must map out how best to use the space available so that you feel that all your guests have made the most of the grounds, field and garden.

You may choose for a dedicated wedding entertainment company to come and set up in the field. There are lots to choose from out there: we particularly liked the choice made by one of our couples – Chris and Hayley. They are an outdoor-loving couple, enjoy the countryside and relate to country sports. Their choice was to book in for a ‘laser-clay-shooting’ afternoon – and what a hit it was! As you cam imagine the men were the first to line up – talk about a wedding with a competitive edge! Yet as the day drew on, it was the ladies who grew in confidence – and ‘BY GUM! – did they get cracking by the end of the day 🙂 – we had all out competition between the bride, the mother-in-law, the mother-of-the-bride and the bridesmaids..

Having said this, corporate entertainment is not everybody’s style, and you may not wish to resort to a specialist company to provide entertainment for your guests.. after all the field is there for everyone to enjoy ( and it is always included as part of our packages – it’s there if you want it!) What about setting up ‘Viking Games’ at Chapelgarth? It’s been done before!! You might just need an energetic bride (or two, in this case) to get the ball rolling.. No doubt they all had a ball..

The thing is…when the bride really wants to play, nobody is going to say No, are they?!



It may take the shape of a more relaxed type of entertainment.. what about a chill out area with Jenga and other ‘olde-worlde’ giant games?


You  may say you got them for the children.. however the bride is aloud a chill-out game too.


And, of course, there is always the sunken trampoline at the end of our lawn…

It keeps the children happy (they say)…. and not only them!

.. and we don’t mind.. especially when the adult has read the rules and has diligently taken his shoes off! 🙂

Want to know more about how to use the space at Chapelgarth Estate to entertain your guests? Book a place at our OPEN DAY and visit us on          14TH OCTOBER (1.00-4.00). SIGN UP BY REGISTERING:

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